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April 21, 2016

The Windows Server 2016 release is getting closer.

Jeffrey Snover told the attendees at PowerShell Conference EU that the next Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview (TP) is coming soon and that it will be the last TP before the release version.


I have gathered some resources for you to get started.

First and foremost I would urge you to download the Free E-book Introducing Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview

Then head over to the TechNet Virtual Labs and take a look at:

One you have done that start investigating on your own by signing up for the FREE Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials annual subscription

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Improve MSDN/TechNet download speed

September 4, 2014

The other day I had to download some ISO files from MSDN and noticed that it would take quite some time to get the files downloaded using the Download Manager.

What I wanted was to launch the File Transfer Manager (FTM) the ActiveX based tool that did a pretty good job downloading files from MSDN/TechNet.

Internet Explorer 10 or 11 doesn’t launch FTM but what if you want to use it anyway.

To use the File Transfer Manager in Internet Explorer 11 you must launch the emulation mode

  • Press F12 to bring up the F12 Developer Tools window
  • Choose the Emulation icon


  • Document Mode Select 9
  • Under User Agent String choose Internet Explorer 9

Click a download link and you will be prompted to install FTM 🙂

Happy downloading