The private IT-Camp, education cloud. IT Camps On-Demand – Part 2 – A Camp of my own

October 17, 2012

As a said in my article IT Camps On-Demand I work as a consultant and attending the IT Camps in Sweden has been hard for me.

Any way, I saw a tweet by Niklas Åkerlund aka @vNiklas that got me interested.


@vNiklas: Labs | virtuallycloud9 #win2012 #winserv #hyperv

Tommy Patterson, @Tommy_Patterson another IT Pro evangelist has published information on his website virtuallycloud9 that provides the instructions for the IT Camp HOL


The two recourses combined gives the possibility to create an IT Camp of your own.

So whats holding you back, lets start building your own IT-Camp.

You know I do!


IT Camps On-Demand

October 9, 2012

As a consultant in Sweden I find it hard to attend many of the initiatives that Microsoft provides. I have wanted to attend the IT-Camp in Sweden but haven’t been able to attend.

Now I can !

Harold Wong @haroldwong and John Weston @technetguy has recorded the sessions that they deliver for the IT-Camps in the US and made them available on demand.

To view the recordings click the image and you’ll land on the IT Camps On-Demand: Windows Server 2012 page at Channel 9.