UGVs at Microsoft Ignite #MsIgnite

September 25, 2016

UGV or Unmanned ground vehicles is a military term for An unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is a vehicle that operates while in contact with the ground and without an onboard human presence. UGVs can be used for many applications where it may be inconvenient, dangerous, or impossible to have a human operator present. Generally, the vehicle will have a set of sensors to observe the environment, and will either autonomously make decisions about its behavior or pass the information to a human operator at a different location who will control the vehicle through teleoperation.


Sounds quite serious but it’s true in a way. Microsoft has a couple of robots that will be roaming around Microsoft Ignite operated from a distance. In my case form the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in Stockholm, Sweden. That is in a straight line a distance of 7488.70 km (4653.26 miles).

The operation of the robot is handled using a PC, I haven’t yet tried it out but I will in a couple of hours. The time difference will take it’s toll since its 11 PM over here and I will get control over the robot in three hours from now at 2 AM and will run it for a couple of hours.

The robot comes from Suitable Technologies and is a BeamPro.

Check out this Video to see what they look like Patch and Switch – Interactive Remote Experience 

This might sound like another gadget that techies like, but imagine when the prices of this things go down. (I don’t know the price of this but I assume it’s expensive.)

Let’s say some child is recovering from some illness, with a remote operated robot he/she could still interact with her friends and teachers at school. Universities could have professors giving classes all over the world. Doctors could help each other in a completely new way.

Think of all the minefields across the world, radioactive environments the list goes on and on.

I am proud to be a little part of that development this week when I wheel myself around the Microsoft Ignite conference.

When technology helps people is when technology is at its best.

To my friends in #TheKrewe see you tonight 🙂


Bring Microsoft Ignite to Europe in 2016!

August 19, 2015

I have been asked many times and in various ways if I know anything of a Microsoft Ignite Conference. There are many people in Europe and other parts of the world that aren’t able to attend a non-European conference due to travel restrictions.

I don’t have any information if Microsoft are planning a European Ignite conference or not. But what I do know is that the TechEd conferences in New Zealand and Australia has been rebranded to Microsoft Ignite. We want TechEd Europe rebranded as well.

So why am I writing this you might ask. We, the attendees should show Microsoft how important a European Microsoft Ignite conference is.

Microsoft Ignite gives industry professionals the best opportunity to explore new Microsoft solutions and trends, ask interact directly to the experts that developed the solutions, exchange ideas with Microsoft and Microsoft Partners and share challenges with peers to learn their success strategies.

Please sign the petition and get our voices heard! Bring Microsoft Ignite to Europe!

Microsoft Ignite: My session is in the Session Catalog

April 22, 2015

How cool is this? My session on Chef can now be found and added to the schedule.


So if you are wondering what Chef is and are attending Microsoft Ignite, make sure to add it to your schedule.

See you in Chicago.

Microsoft Ignite: Packing tips

April 17, 2015
Packing for your trip?

I’d like to share some packing tips that I have gathered over the years traveling to various conferences. (Some doesn’t apply to all trips but you get the idea.)

In your pockets:

  • Credit cards/money
  • Remember your travel documents (Passport, VISA, ESTA or other travel documents). If you plan to use your phone during checkins and such, take a screen shot/photo of barcodes and confirmation mails. (There is nothing more annoying then waiting behind someone that suddenly lost internet connection and can’t get to the e-mails.)
  • Mobile phone

In your Carry On:

    • One change of clothes. If your luggage gets lost you will at least be able to change when you get to the hotel.
    • Hygienic articles, toothbrush, toothpaste and so on
    • Your computer and other necessary equipment like portable power bank, different adapters and a HDMI cable to be used in the hotel room for movies and an extra screen if some work needs to be done.
    • Pain killers, and nasal spray. I got that tip from a flight attendant some 20 years ago. There is nothing worse than clogged ears during a flight. Use it about an hour before take-off to clear the canal between ear and nose. Have worked really well 🙂
    • Power adapters, bring two. One for the necessary phone charge in the conference area and one for your hotel room.
    • Your pair of comfortable shoes (if not worn)

In your luggage:

    • A power strip that you connect the extra adapter to. Makes it easier to charge all the equipment in the comfort of your room.
    • One change of clothes that are a bit nicer, a button down shirt and a pair of pants and shoes. It is nice to be able to dress up if you get invited to a nice evening occasion. A suit isn’t really necessary.
    • Several pairs of socks and underwear. You will walk a lot so blisters and “infantry fire” is your worst enemy so change often. ( Swedish article about the military term, translate it if you want to know what it is)
    • A warmer sweater/hoodie the AC in the conference area tends to be set to arctic temperatures.

Hey I almost forgot, don’t pack any t-shirts! You will get plenty of those in the Ignite Expo area.

If you have any further suggestions let me know and I update the post.

Microsoft Ignite: Plan your Ignite year with MyIgnite

April 11, 2015

Getting ready to plan your Ignite year? Yes, Microsoft Ignite will for me be a year long experience. The sheer amount of content is actually to much to digest for just one week. If this is your first larger Microsoft Conference, be prepared to have your brain cooked.

I wrote a blog post about my TechEd year, almost a year ago and Ignite will be no different. If you haven’t checked out the MyIgnite tool do it today.

In a previous post i covered the Session catalog (Microsoft Ignite- Content Catalog Deep Dive), and some features has been added since then. Check out the Countdown to Microsoft Ignite video and get up to date. Countdown to Ignite- The One About Schedule Builder on MyIgnite

Build your Schedule

Two of my good friends Scott Ladewig and Michael bender has put down some awesome tips for building your Schedule make sure you check them out.

Schedule building tips from speaker and president of The Krewe, Michael Bender

Tips for building your Ignite schedule, from IT Pro and conference veteran Scott Ladewig

I build my schedule in a similar way as both Mike and Scott. I work on the schedule builder weekly before the conference starts to try to find the ones that I really want to attend, and those I might skip and catch online. This makes my schedule quite full with a lot of conflicts.

I also try to find sessions on topics that isn’t something I do on a day to day basis. It could be a completely new technical area or perhaps a topic I know something about but want to deepen. I use the Levels filter to filer out those those Level 100 or 200 sessions on the topic of interest.

To get a description of the levels check out my previous blog post Microsoft Ignite- Content Catalog Deep Dive

I don’t know yet if we get a pocket conference guide and the pen with a highlight marker. (Like we got at TechEd)

But if we do this will be my best friend during the week
I use the marker to highlight the first days sessions from the ones I have selected in the schedule builder and circle the ones that i really want to attend on site. That leaves me with alternative sessions if the session fills up so I don’t make it or if the session isn’t what i expected it to be.
At the end of each day I plan the next day by repeating the procedure.

A good thing is also to make plans for a session free slot each day to chill your brain a little. 🙂 I usually plan those slots so that I can call home and talk to the wife and kids.

When it comes to Outlook ICS files i personally don’t use them.

Once the conference is over I use my schedule to find the sessions I’ve attended and those i missed.

See you in Chicago 🙂

Update: Microsoft Ignite Pre-Day Sessions are live with Speakers listed

January 28, 2015

Update: Even if the speakers aren’t listed in the full catalog yet, the speakers for the Pre-day sessions are. 🙂

From the registration page you can find the speakers of each pre-day session. I have updated the Pre conference session list below.

If you have registered for Microsoft Ignite or still work at getting approval to attend. You now have the opportunity to improve your chances and further extend your Ignite experience.
Today a list of 17 all day Pre-Day Sessions have been posted.
These sessions give you an opportunity to really dig in to a topic and retrive knowledge and insights of noted industry experts.

Pre-Day Sessions will take place on Sunday, May 3, from 9:00am – 5:00pm and are an additional investment of $500. The Pre-Day Session fee includes a full day of dedicated class time with a noted industry expert, lunch, and materials (if applicable).

C’ya in Chicago!