TechEd Europe Roundtable Scouting trip Day 1

If you have attended any conference or traveled for work you know that it can be some quite boring evenings in hotel rooms, dining alone.

In 2011 I attended my first TechEd in Atlanta. During my preparations for the trip I noticed that there was a group of IT professionals called the Krewe of Teched. They had a Meet’n Greet party in the back pocket of a sports bar the day before the conference start.

You might wonder why I start off writing about TechEd Atlanta and the Krewe. Well my friends it is really easy. When I go on conferences or business trips nowadays I don’t have boring evenings in the hotel room and I don’t have to dine alone. The Krewe is more then just a Technological community around the TechEd conference, it’s more like family.

Bright and early this morning I boarded a plane to Copenhagen to meet one of my good friends. He has invited me to his house and I will accompany him and his wife to a family picnic.

Tomorrow morning we will travel to Barcelona and join a few more of the European Krewe family that also are invited to the TechEd Round table discussions.

I cant wait…


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