The schedule builder and how I use it to plan my TechEd year.

April 4, 2013

Yes, TechEd for me is a year long experience. The sheer amount of content is actually to much to digest for just one week. If this is your first TechEd conference be prepared to have your brain cooked.
I work on the schedule builder weekly before the conference starts to try to find the ones that i really want to attend, and those I might skip and catch online. This makes my schedule quite full with a lot of conflicts.
I also try to find sessions on topics that isn’t something I do on a day to day basis. I’m a ITPro so I try to do at least one Dev session to broaden my skills a bit.

Also note that each session are rated in 200 – Intermediate, 300 – Advanced and 400 – Expert.
The 200 sessions are on a little higher level while the 300 and 400 sessions are more detailed.

In the conference bag amongst a bunch of other stuff, you’ll find a pen with a highlight marker on one side and also a pocket conference guide.
I use the marker to highlight the first days sessions from the ones I have selected in the schedule builder and circle the ones that i really want to attend on site. That leaves me with alternative sessions if the session fills up so I don’t make it or if the session isn’t what i expected it to be.
At the end of each day I plan the next day by repeating the procedure. A good thing is also to make plans for a session free slot each day to chill your brain a little. 🙂 I usually plan those slots so that I can call home and talk to the wife and kids.

When it comes to Outlook ICS files i personally don’t use them.

Once the conference is over I use my schedule to review sessions I’ve attended and those i missed.

Also check out the Countdown to TechEd Ep 2: All About ScheduleBuilder

See you around 🙂


Windows 8 App for Channel 9

April 2, 2013

I saw a tweet the other day for an awesome resource, a Windows 8 app for all Channel 9 content.


We have MMS 2013 around the corner in April, Microsoft TechEd North America & Europe and also the Build conference during the summer in June. To have the content from all those conferences easy accessible via the start screen is really great.

On the Channel 9 web site there is an article describing the app and it’s features:

In the article there is a link to the first version of the app in the Windows store

Since i live in Sweden the app doesn’t appear to me and it seems from the comments that quite a few countries outside US are experiencing issues with getting access to the app.

There’s an easy and quick solution to that issue. Just change location to the US, download the app and change location back again.

If you don’t know how to change location for the Windows store here is a quick how to:

  1. Type region in the Start Screen
  2. Choose Region
  3. This displays the Region settings
  4. Choose the second tab, Location
  5. Change the Home location to the Country you would like the Windows Store to display
  6. Open the windows store and install the app.

I had issues finding the app so I installed it via the link provided in the Channel 9 article.

Don’t forget to change the Home location to the original setting.