My bumpy journey to a Windows Phone


I have got myself a Windows Phone. It’s a Nokia Lumia 710 and yes it’s the 7.5 version. A few months ago I pre-ordered a Lumia 920 but the carrier that I ordered the phone from had a weird sense of service to private customers so I got quite eventually cancelled that order. I will get my Lumia 920 a white one but I will have to wait until early next year.

I really want to learn the Windows Phone interface so that when I finally get my hands on that shiny Lumia 920 I can start enjoying the awesomeness right away.

I’ve been using an iPhone for almost 2 years now and must say that I’ve been really happy with it. There is some stuff that annoys me but not that much.

A late night/early morning at TechEd in Atlanta 2011 me and a friend of mine got an exclusive and awesome ad hoc demo by a Microsoft guy (can’t remember your name, but thank you) where he showed us how he uses his phone and PC.

That really got me interested, back then the phone OS lacked Swedish language support so it wasn’t that appealing. When the 7.5 was released and we got the Swedish language support I got my sight on a Lumia 800. My plan was to get it in time for TechEd in Orlando when I started to read about Windows Phone 8 and the release of the OS this fall. Since the 7.5 handsets weren’t compatible with that release I decided to wait for it to arrive.

During this time I’ve heard complaints about the Windows Phone, in the cafeteria and by colleagues but the complaint hasn’t been in the same time space continuum as the demo I received in Atlanta. I even got some peoples laughs when I said that I’m really interested of the Windows Phone and what it can do. My thought is that they basically are lame and don’t use the device in a proper way.

Why on earth do I then get a Lumia 710 if I going to get a newer one on a couple of months.  🙂

Well me and my wife where Christmas shopping when we decided to get a family subscription from Telenor in Sweden, internal family communication free of charge which is nice for the youngsters. Along with that we were given the option to get free handsets, not the high end ones but we could choose some pretty decent handsets, one Lumia 710 a HTC Wildfire S and an Sony Xperia S (I think). My wife asked the guy in the shop what handsets a 9 year old girl should choose if she likes to play games on the hand set. He then removed the Lumia and said that Windows Phone didn’t have many games. My wife gave me a look sayin ‘don’t go there’ J

Anyway we left the store with a HTC WildFire S, the Nokia Lumia 710 and two family subscriptions. The older girl will get my wife’s old iPhone 4 (she’s on a iPhone 5 now).

The transfer from iPhone to Windows Phone was painful for about 10 minutes. Got stuck updating the Marketplace app but that was sorted after a update in the XBOX Live hub.

Since yesterday I’m rockin the Win Phone and I love it.

Some more hands on with the interface and I’m ready to swipe the ‘lamers off their feet.

By the way, my 9 year old daughter saw my phone yesterday and asked me if I got a new phone. I replied that I got it for testing purposes (cant ruin her Christmas spirit). She took a look at it and put my other phone away to play games on it.


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