Onenote 2 Go in 8 steps!

If I cant find a reasonable usage area for a product, I tend not to use it. For instance, to install Windows 8 on a virtual machine and test it out from my PC doesn’t work for me. I go All in and install it as my main OS right away. By doing so I must face the product every day and by doing that I learn.

I have for some time wondered about a usage area for the OneNote app for iPhone. Yes I have an iPhone and I like it. (I do want to try the Windows Phone to see if I like that too.)

Anyhow I read a tweet by Veronica Wei Sopher, @shih_Wei about blog strategy that gave me an idea that lead to a purpose for the app. The tweet made me remember the OneNote app I tried out and uninstalled just because I didn’t find a good usage area for it.

Now I use it all the time and it helps me a lot.

This is an example of how my latest posts have been done with a little help from my OneNote friend.


I used to keep notes on my phone, PC at work, at home, on pieces of paper on my desk, in notebooks and in OneNote. I was a mess and it were really hard to remember where I put them and it wasn’t easy to get an overview of my ideas.

It’s really easy and I blame my self for not thinking about it before.
The tools you need are Microsoft OneNote, SkyDrive and in my example the OneNote app installed on iPhone.

  1. Open OneNote and create a New Notebook.
    Choose to store it on the Web
    Click Sign Inand enter your Microsoft account.image
  2. Enter a Name for your Notebook
  3. Choose a SkyDrive Personal Folder where you want to store your notebook and click Create Notebookimage
  4. Start the OneNote Appimage  
  5. Log Onusing your Microsoft account (Windows Live ID)image
  6. Enter your credentials and click Log Onimage
  7. Microsoft OneNote is now loading your notebooks.image 
  8. Voila your notebooks.image 

Now you can get started making notes on the go!


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