The week of TechEd Europe

October 25, 2014

Well time flies and soon I will :) It feels like yesterday that I arrived on Swedish soil after the TechEd Europe Roundtable discussions and today it is Oct 25:th and –2 days until Jason Zander and Joseph Belfiore kicks off the conference.


TechEd Europe 2014: Day –2

I will report regularly during the conference as a Community reporter so even if you are on site or can’t make it to Barcelona for #TEE14? make sure you follow #TEE14Community and the entire Community Reporter team for real-time updates so stay tuned for more great content.
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My intention is to blog every day (if i don’t I sure will tweet a lot) and this is the first blog post with last minute packing tips and introductions to #theKrewe

Packing for your trip?

I’d like to share some last minute packing tips that I have gathered over the years traveling to various places. (Some doesn’t apply to all trips but you get the idea.) A tweet from a good friend of mine made me add a new heading. ;)

In your pockets:

  • Credit cards/money
  • Remember your travel documents (Passport, VISA, ESTA or other travel documents). If you plan to use your phone, take a screen shot of barcodes and such. (There is nothing more annoying then waiting behind someone that suddenly lost internet connection and cant get to the e-mails.)
  • Mobile phone

In your Carry On:

    • One change of clothes. If your luggage gets lost you will at least be able to change when you get to the hotel.
    • Hygienic articles, toothbrush, toothpaste and so on
    • Your computer and other necessary equipment.
    • Pain killers, and nasal spray. I got that tip from a flight attendant some 20 years ago. There is nothing worse than clogged ears during a flight. Use it about an hour before take-off to clear the canal between ear and nose. Have worked really well :)
    • Power adapter, bring two. One for the necessary phone charge in the conference area and one for your hotel room.
    • Your pair of comfortable shoes (if not worn)

In your luggage:

    • A power strip that you connect the extra adapter to. Makes it easier to charge all the equipment in the comfort of your room.
    • One change of clothes that are a bit nicer, a button down shirt and a pair of pants and shoes. It is nice to be able to dress up if you get invited to a nice evening occasion. A suit isn’t really necessary.
    • Several pairs of socks and underwear. You will walk a lot so blisters and “infantry fire” is your worst enemy so change often. ( Swedish article about the military term, translate it if you want to know what it is)
    • A warmer sweater/hoodie the AC in the conference area tends to be set to arctic temperatures.

Hey I almost forgot, don’t pack any t-shirts! You will get plenty of those in the TechEd Expo area.


Now to #theKrewe

I met theKrewe for the first time in 2011 while preparing myself for TechEd North America and have ever since daily or weekly contact with friends that I have gotten to know thanks to theKrewe.

The following text is taken from the IAMKREWE website.

The Krewe is a community organized professional networking group. Our mission is to build a dynamic networking community through various activities and gatherings. The Krewe primarily meets at Microsoft TechEd North America every year where we have The Krewe Meet ‘N Greet the day prior to the opening of the conference. Our group takes Networking to a whole new level, we are all close friends and are open to helping each other in any way possible be it through charitable works or by helping solve a question that has you stumped in your professional life. We are IT people from every level of the career, you may find someone totally new to IT who is just starting off or meet someone who has 20 years’ experience and is an MVP, MCT, MCP and any other abbreviation you can think of.

To ghet the history of the group please read Michael Benders blogpost The Krewe: A Primer where the story behind the group is told.

TheKrewe at TechEd Europe

Last year during TechEd in Madrid, theKrewe made it’s first appearance. You can read more about the amazing story in Peter De Tenders blog post Why TechEd it is important to me… and to you…

This year theKrewe kicks off the entire week with the famous Meet’n Greet party at 7 SINS – Food Lounge Bar

Get your ticket to the party here. (If you haven’t already)

The TechEd Europe Apps – part 2

To help you stay in touch with your friends there are two apps that you should look into that are made by theKrewe members.

Windows Phone:

The app is made by

Windows 8.x

The app is made by

If you see someone wearing a Krewe t-shirt (there are quite a few different ones) or white/blue jersey as in this picture, theKrewe say hi and start a conversation.

Well now I guess I need to follow my advice and make sure I pack all the stuff I need. I really look forward meeting you in Barcelona.

The TechEd Europe Apps – part 1

October 15, 2014
There are some apps that are really useful during TechEd Europe and with less then two weeks to go we better start learning how to use them.


In this blog post I will cover the Ch9 Events app. In the app you will sync your schedule and receive updates to the content catalog, before and during the conference.

In an upcoming post I will cover theKrewe apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.x.

Start by downloading the Ch9 Events for Windows 8,x | Windows Phone | iOS | Android

Windows 8

1 Install the app from Windows Store

2 Log in using your Microsoft Account

3 Link your account to your Channel 9 profile. click the link

4. Pin it to the start screen

5. Enjoy

Windows Phone

1. Install the app from Windows Phone

2. Log in using your Microsoft Account

3. Link your account to your Channel 9 profile. click the link

4. Pin it to the start screen.

5. Enjoy


1. Install the app from iTunes

2. Create a EventBoard account

3. Link your account to your Channel 9 profile. click the link

4. Enjoy


1. Install the app from Google Play

2. Create a EventBoard account

3. Link your account to your Channel 9 profile. click the link

4. Enjoy

It’s the little things..

October 3, 2014

It is the little things that people do that makes a difference.

I just received an e-mail from one of the students at the Private Cloud class I delivered training for last week.

“Hello from a Private Cloud student…

Hi Fredrik!
I would like to say thank you for a great delivery of the Private Cloud class.

I took the 70-247 exam today at AddSkills and passed with help of my notes from class. Thank you very much for all the help.

Kind Regards

Happy Friday folks, mine sure is :)

Congrats, you’re an Insider

October 1, 2014


I suppose there will be a long evening :)

Windows 10 and new Windows Server and System Center just in time for TechEd Europe

September 30, 2014

Microsoft announced on the Server and Cloud Blog that they will be releasing a Technical Preview of the next version of Windows and System Center on October 1.

Didn’t I say it would be an awesome autumn Ler

I really cant wait for TechEd in Barcelona and learn about the Cloud OS updates, you are registered right?


Some images say more then words

September 30, 2014


0137_MSFT_TechEd_Europe_Speakers (1)



The future of Windows

September 16, 2014


This autumn gets better and better! On September 30 I think we will see the first glimpse of Windows 9. (No link to the site just yet)
Soon after that if not the same day I expect we get the opportunity to download a technical preview.

October 28 TechEd Europe kicks off in barcelona, Spain. My guess is that we will see a lot of content covering the Future of Windows. :)
Stay tuned for an updated TechEd Europe 2014 Content Catalog

Have you registered yet? If not go ahead an do it today, you really don’t want to miss this one… #JustSayin



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